From custom sport clubs attire to family-friendly merchandising – these versatile and inclusive designs offer the perfect fit.

Beyond just meeting diverse needs, our Iconics empower each person to express their unique story, while ensuring a cohesive group aesthetic

A harmonious look across ages

Our Iconics are our forever styles, meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit, exceptional comfort and a stylish appeal. Their premium quality makes them the perfect canvas for creating a harmonious look for any group, embracing all ages and genders seamlessly.

Mirroring the adult range, our Mini Iconics 2.0 for kids showcase nearly identical designs, ensuring continuity in style. For our youngest fashion enthusiasts, the baby iconic styles are thoughtfully modified: we've removed pockets and drawstrings for safety and added snap fasteners for easier dressing.

Coordinating colours & fabrics

Colour coordination is key in group attire, as colour has the power to unite. 

We’ve aligned the colour palettes of our Iconics 2.0 and Mini Iconics 2.0 styles so you can create a unified group look that stands out. From classic shades and muted neutrals to vibrant, on-trend tones, you'll find the perfect colour to complement your branding, logo or designs.  

Our commitment to consistency extends to our fabric as well. Across both adults’ and kids’ styles we use the same 100% organic cotton fabric, ensuring that every member of your group enjoys the same level of comfort and quality.

Perfected printing results

With our SS24 collection we’ve raised the bar in decoration quality and versatility. We developed a new 100% organic cotton fabric for our Iconics 2.0 and Mini Iconics 2.0 styles that offers even better results for printing and any other decoration technique.

So, whether you're creating a 'mini me' retail collection or kitting out a school group with different ages and genders, you can be sure of vibrant, long-lasting designs that make a great impression time after time.