Recycled story

Let's revolutionize fashion by transforming textile waste into something extraordinary. Join us in rethinking, reusing, and recreating sustainable fashion for a greener future.

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Recycled story


Every year, an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste are generated globally, and over 4 million tons end up in landfills across Europe. But what if some of that waste could be transformed into new products?  
That’s what we’re doing with the latest addition to our Recycled range and our new RE-Cruiser unisex hoodie. Designed with great styling, and a comfortable fit and finish, this garment is made from over 50% recycled materials.  
The RE-Cruiser is just another way to co-create the future together.

©Stanley/Stella - Recycled

The sustainable series

Introduced last season, the RE-Creator t-shirt paved the way for more circular production at Stanley/Stella. Made from 50% recycled organic cotton taken from leftover fabric and 50% undyed virgin organic cotton, these GRS-certified styles became our most sustainable garments.

©Stanley/Stella - Re-creator

©Stanley/Stella - Re-cruiser

The process of a re-style

To create recycled clothing, we transport leftover fabric to a spinning mill where it is finely shredded before its blended with virgin organic cotton. These fibers are then twisted and spun into new yarn, which is knitted into durable fabric.   

No dyes less impact

When we blend undyed virgin organic cotton with our own white, black and blue organic cotton waste, it creates a natural heather effect – our Re-White, Re-Black and Re-Navy. By eliminating the dyeing process, we not only reduce our use of chemicals, but also drastically reduce the amount of water used per garment.   

©Stanley/Stella - Recycled

Recycled VS Virgin cotton in numbers

Using recycled cotton already saves precious resources when compared with virgin organic cotton. And when compared with virgin conventional cotton, the savings are even greater – every kilo of recycled yarn corresponds to a saving of 20,000 litres of water, 200 grams of pesticides and fertilisers, 2.7 grams of dyes and chemicals, as well as reduced energy use and CO2 emissions.   

©Stanley/Stella - Recycled coton

©Stanley/Stella - Virgin cotton

Shade consistency and printability

 The mixed composition of recycled and virgin organic cotton means the shades of our RE-Creator and RE-Cruiser may vary slightly across production. Both styles offer excellent printability, though printability may differ from non-recycled styles – you can find full details in the respective printing guide.