The Stanley/Stella Charter

The Stanley/Stella Charter, launched in 2022, is our guiding framework which represents what we stand for as a company in the garment industry

Our planet faces huge environmental, social, and economic challenges. The fashion industry has a duty to respond to these challenges and to changing needs around the world. Sustainability and care for our planet and its people have always been at the heart of Stanley/Stella’s activities.

Together with our employees, suppliers, and Official Dealers, we aspire to form a community of like-minded individuals, driven by the common desire to positively impact both the Stanley/Stella ecosystem and our industry.

The Stanley/Stella Charter articulates our commitment to addressing critical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in our area of influence, and outlines the ten core principles that guide our behaviour and inspire the entire Stanley/Stella community to care about our planet and its people.

Our goals and engagements for the planet 

We know that our planet’s natural resources are precious and limited, which is why we want to do everything we can to preserve them. At Stanley/Stella, we want to take responsibility for preserving the soil, water, air and biodiversity. Our three areas of action are centered around using no harmful materials and chemicals, reducing carbon emissions, and driving circularity

Nature protection

Preserve soil, water, air and biodiversity through responsible material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and decoration.

Carbon footprint

Contribute to global carbon neutrality by leading CO2 reduction activities across our value chain and engaging in compensation initiatives.


Minimise product and packaging waste at production and consumption levels, taking steps towards circular business models.

Our goals and engagements for the people 

We know that without our people, we would not be who we are today. This is why we strive to look after their well-being and value their talent. Stanley/Stella has grown considerably since its origins in 2012; growth that would not have been possible without dedicated individuals and strong partnerships. We want to continue our commitment to people; in line with our membership of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), our efforts are focused on securing good working conditions and well-being.

Working conditions and well-being

Respect human rights by providing and advocating for safe and good working conditions.

Diversity, inclusion and equity

Promote diversity in recruitment and business practices, an inclusive professional environment, and equal opportunities for all.

Community engagement and impact

Contribute to the economic and social development of communities through fair remuneration, education, and our ecosystem engagement.

Our goals and engagements on working principles  

Actions without impact are not enough; we believe that the way we work contributes directly to our success and to the achievement of our sustainability objectives. At Stanley/Stella, we want to make sure that our sustainability actions lead to real impact, and we want to go one step further in how we approach every objective.

Accountability and traceability

Take accountability for our actions across our supply chain through full traceability and human rights and environmental due diligence.


Stimulate open-minded dialogue and collaborate with our communities and stakeholders within and outside the industry for a bigger and better impact.

Innovation and empowerment

Reinforce business sustainability through digitalisation and innovative thinking and actions.

Transparency and authentic communication

Openly and accurately communicate with our communities and stakeholders about our social and environmental challenges, the actions we are taking, and where our limits lie.

The Stanley/Stella network

Since 2012, Stanley/Stella has provided garments to a network of official retailers, including textile branding specialists, events agencies, experts in promotional objects...