How to activate my account ?

Reset your password

To activate your account on the new Stanley/Stella website, please initiate a password reset. You'll find a concise video - here on the right - guiding you through the process step by step. In case you require further clarity, kindly follow the steps outlined below. 

Prior to initiating the password reset process, we recommend the following guidance for a smoother experience:

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    If you are sharing the same login and password in your company, coordinate with your team before initiating a password reset. We advise you to designate a team member to request the reset, and then share the updated credentials with the entire team. This will prevent conflicts that may arise if multiple requests are made simultaneously. The system will only recognize the latest password request.

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    Before proceeding with the password reset, ensure that you have access to the associated mailbox linked to the login. Without mailbox access, you won't receive the reset information, leading to potential account lockout. Confirm mailbox accessibility to facilitate a seamless reset process.

Step by step


Click ‘Log in’ from the upper right menu

Click ‘Log in’ from the upper right menu. When the menu opens, instead of typing in your credentials, click on the 'Forgotten password?' text link (below the Login button).


Type your email address 

Once you've reached the 'Forgotten password' webpage, enter your email address and click on 'Reset my password'. 


Open your mailbox

You will receive an email, click the password reset button.  


Choose a new password

Upon reaching the webpage, enter your new password to unlock your access to our new website. Click on the “reset your password” button. 


Login to the new website

Click ‘Log in’ from the upper right menu of, enter your email address and your new password. 
Enjoy the new experience!